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Should one take both SAT/ACT - SAT CHAMP

Candidates preparing for standardized tests are majorly in a dilemma about whether to appear for both the SAT and ACT. The fact is any university or college which requires a standardized test score accepts both the SAT and ACT without any preference over the other. Although many people advocate writing both the tests, we at SAT Champ are in favor of giving a single test no matter which one you choose out of the two. Some reasons people attribute to writing both the tests are :

a) The content for both the test is quite overlapping.

b) It provides the candidate much more opportunities as one can submit the better score obtained of the two tests to the colleges.

c) Doing exceptionally well on both tests is extremely impressive to the colleges you apply.

We at SAT Champ believe writing both the tests is like sailing on two boats, keeping one leg on one boat and one on another landing you nowhere. Generally speaking, giving both the tests might prove detrimental to your scores. It would be better to say that one might not perform to the best of his ability in both the tests. However, focusing on a single test ensures your results will be much better when compared to writing both the tests. Though the content might be overlapping, you will need to take at least a few practice tests for the second test you are focusing on to understand the differences between the two tests. It means spending a fair amount of extra time preparing for the second test when a child is already squeezed in time. Kindly refer to our article “Balancing test preparation with regular school activities,” which highlights how a child is already crunched of time while appearing for a standardized test.

Secondly, one can always reappear for the test in case the candidate feels that he has not performed up to his potential as both the tests can be given seven times a year. Not performing well on one exam ensures that the candidate has a fair idea where he did not perform well (specific sections or areas) rather than being complacent at the back of his mind that a second opportunity for the other test is still present.

Thirdly, you might have to shell out more money preparing for both the tests, whether it is the exam fees, purchasing additional content material, hiring an additional tutor for the second test.  

Fourthly, if one focuses on a single test after diligently choosing which test to appear, you can play to your strengths. There are many differences between the two standardized tests, so you must ensure that you select the one where the probability of you performing better among the two tests is much higher. Kindly refer to our article “SAT VS ACT” to determine which test better fits your abilities.

Our point of view – any standardized test can be aced and made a great learning experience, but that surely requires the guidance of top instructors, which can effectively make a difference in your preparation.