Roberto’s physical acuteness was undeniable: he set six new athletic records during his sophomore year.
  1. No Change
  2. Knack
  3. Prowess
  4. Astuteness

Solution: Choice ( 3 ) is correct.

Here, we are looking for a word that describes Roberto’s exceptional physical ability.

  1. Acuteness refers to a quick and penetrating intelligence. “Physical Acuteness” does not fit the context.
  2. Knack means a skill or an ability to do something easily and well. “Knack” does not fit the context in an appropriate way.
  3. “Prowess” means a great ability or skill. “Prowess” fits the context in appropriate way.
  4. Astute means an ability to notice and understand things clearly. “Astute” does not fit the context.