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Planning your SAT. - SAT CHAMP

Any child who aspires to take the SAT exam must plan for it. As the saying goes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Planning is bringing the future into the present so that something can be done about it now. It goes on to show how much importance does Planning have. It is almost impossible to succeed without a proper plan. The fundamental four pillars of success are Good Planning, Hard Work, Determination, and Perseverance. If one reads the autobiography of any successful person, be assured that the above four attributes were deep-rooted, which led to success.

So, we will be focusing on the first attribute of any success, and that’s Planning. Regarding planning for SAT, there is no general approach, and no one plan fits all. What might work wonders for others might not work for you? Any planning requires answers to three questions What, When, and How?? Though the questions may seem trivial, once you start thinking about these parameters, you will get an idea that it’s not that simple as it looks.

1)  What: The first question for anyone planning for the SAT is to evaluate what needs to be achieved? If the answer is just appearing for the SAT, then it’s a vague plan. A good plan will be something like 

Where do I stand currently, if I give the SAT now? 

What’s my realistic target score? 

Which universities should be my target? 

2)  When: After you have chalked out what needs to be achieved. The second phase for Planning is When? One should give a thorough thought process as to when you would be appearing for the exams taking into consideration that it does not affect your academic grades and extra-curricular activities as those are equally important for the final SAT admission process. A student can write the SAT exam six times a year, and the SAT scores are valid for five years providing enough threshold and choice as to when should you appear for the SAT?

3) How: After the answers to the above two questions have been thought of thoroughly and penned down. The next and most critical phase is how to achieve what has been planned? It is the most prolonged phase as it generally takes about three months to a year for different students depending on their current scores and target scores. Since this is the most extended phase, the chances of one getting demotivated, losing focus, getting distracted, or altogether stopping your preparation also increases in a direct proportion to the time spent for the test prep. A few questions which a student needs to answer, or has in mind are as follows: 

a) How much time is enough to prepare?

b) How to create a study plan?

c) How to gather relevant study material?

d) How to allocate time for Verbal and Math effectively?

e) How to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses?

f) How to track your growth and improvement?

g) How to stay focused without losing your motivation?

h) How to not get affected by the peer pressure of others performing way ahead of you?

i) How many questions one needs to practice, and what should be the difficulty level?

j) Should I focus more on accuracy or speed?

As one can see, the list of questions can be endless. So proper guidance and direction are almost essential if one wants to excel in the test as it is the question of career and time once lost can never be repurchased. The “How” phase is where an excellent SAT tutor acts as a Godfather throughout your preparation phase. 

We at SAT Champ have been the pioneers in providing online group and one-on-one classes for the SAT exam. It gives us great contentment to see our students realize their aspirations and potential through our guidance. We have catered to almost all parts of the globe as far as our students are concerned. Our students have got admitted to the most prestigious schools a child aspires to study. We have years of experience behind our back, which only increases our drive and confidence with each passing year to provide the best education for the SAT exam. We have always believed that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. As we know, every child is unique. We at SAT Champ also find that every child has the potential though it just needs to be identified, nurtured, and polished. Every child has unique strengths and weaknesses.The most important thing for a tutor or guide is to identify the gaps a child has and to work upon them slowly and steadily on a consistent basis. The internet is flooded with stories of students who, in spite of giving repeated attempts and studying like crazy, were not able to see any improvement in their scores. It can be attributed to the widely held notion that only practice can help you increase your SAT score. However, what matters more than practice is your thinking process. How your mind processes the information when you read a question. In what circumstances it is better to eliminate than to solve? And more importantly, how fast and accurately are you able to do this in a time-pressured environment. At this point, your SAT tutoring takes the niche. An efficient SAT tutor will help you get rid of all your doubts by explaining in the easiest and efficient way to solve a variety of problems. For us, money is not the only criterion, but imparting and imbibing valuable education to each child is our prime focus. 

Our point of view – SAT can be aced, but that surely requires the guidance of top instructors, which can effectively make a difference in your test prep.