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May 2020 - SAT CHAMP

Question 23

If 16+4x is10 more than 14, what is the value of 8x ? A) 2 B) 6 C) 16 D) 80 Solution : 16 We can write the equation for the first part of this problem as: 16+4x=10+14 We can now solve for 4x: −16+16+4x=−16+24 0+4x=8 4x=8 To find the value of 8x we can...

Question 22

Solution: 750 Since both the inequalities are less than equal to, we can conclude that the lines and their point of intersection are included in the solution set. Also, since the point (a,b) lies on the solution set of the inequalities above. We need to solve the...

Question 21

Solution: Choice B is correct. Clearly, from graph the curve increases from x=40 to x=50 and then it start decreasing from x=50 to x=60.Hence, option B is correct.

Question 20

If 4x – y = 12. What is the value of 16x / 2y (A) 212 (B) 44 (C) 82 (D) The value cannot be determined from the information given. Solution: Choice A is correct. 16x / 2y = 24x / 2y = 24x-y Now 4x – y = 12 (given in the question) Therefore, 16x / 2y = 212, which is...

Question 19

If 3x + 3x + 3x = 316 What is the value of x? Solution:  15 3x + 3x + 3x can be written as 3x(1+1+1) = 3x+1 Therefore, 3x+1 = 316 Hence x+1 = 16 Or x = 15.