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Tips for the SAT Test Day. - SAT CHAMP

After putting in consistent efforts towards your preparation and immense practice, the final hurdle or the test day is finally here. There are a lot of things that one should consider for the last day, as it’s the day that counts the most and will make the mark for your final admit. Though one may not realize, proper planning for the test day can work wonders in performing to achieve your maximum potential on the SAT. We at SAT Champ do counsel our students whenever they need help, even if they have finished their preparation with us way back and especially in the run-up to the last week before their test date. We can easily understand the requirements for an individual child as the one-on-one sessions (both online or in-person) during the preparation phase do help us a lot in knowing our students better. We at SAT Champ provide private SAT Tutoring in Gurgaon (Gurugram).

We believe in the fact that not one size can fit all and every child needs very different counseling, as every child is unique and has his/ her own psyche.

The day before the Test

The day before the Test is equally significant as the test day as it sets the tone for the D day. The following points should be taken into consideration before the test day

  1. Don’t Study: Studying on the last day will in no way help to improve your scores significantly. It might even have an adverse effect of degrading your performance. After so many days of preparation, give your mind a full rest and try your best to keep the day engaged in any activity you like. For some it might be watching a movie, going out with friends, spending time with your pet, visiting your relatives or munching out on your favorite food to name a few. Try doing the things you love as it may vary from person to person. Your mind definitely needs a breather as you have to perform under pressure for at least three hours on the test day.
  2. Avoid Social Media: Try to avoid all social channels, and keep away your mobile as that will help to calm your mind and preserving your energy for the Test.
  3. Organize your bag: Whatever will be required on the Test day must be put in your bag a day before. Some essential items like Admission ticket, Photo ID,  minimum of five sharpened pencils, a calculator, a watch should be there.
  4. Visit to your test center: Do plan a visit to your test center if it is possible. There will be no anxiety about the directions on the test day. You really would not want to have anxiety figuring out your test centre on the morning of the test. Remember, Google Maps are always there but they don’t really give you a great direction for flyovers. You miss one flyover, and you miss your career. And yes, Larry Page would not compensate for that!
  5. Healthy Dinner: We recommend eating a vegetarian meal as it conserves your energy instead of being dissipated in digesting food during the night.
  6. Meditate and Sleep: Even if you have never tried meditation, one should do it before going to bed before the test day. Those who are not familiar with any meditation technique should sit in silence with eyes closed for at least 15 minutes watching your self breathe and then immediately go to bed. This way, you will be able to have a more relaxing and sound sleep, which is essential to perform to your capability on the deciding day.

On Test Day

Consider the following points on the test day

  1. Try to wake up at a time so that after following your daily morning routine, you can reach the venue a minimum of 45 minutes in advance. If possible, go for a morning walk for at least 15 minutes as that lifts your mood.
  2. Dress up as comfortably as possible in layers. Even if it is a summer season, carry a jacket as the temperature in the examination center might be extremely cold due to AC.
  3. Try eating a moderate breakfast and not a heavy one. Carry some light snacks to be taken during the breaks in between the test.
  4. After reaching the venue, don’t indulge in talks with other students discussing last time strategies. Either take a stroll or sit aside, listening to your all-time favorite songs.
  5. For the Math section, underline what the question is finally asking. Sometimes, you might solve a problem correctly but still miss the answer by not focusing on what is actually asked. For example, the question might have given all speed units in m/sec, whereas the solution required is in km/hr.
  6. In the Math section, the complexity of questions increases in chronological order although all questions carry the same weightage. So, don’t waste time if you are stuck on a single question. You can always come back to it in case you have time left
  7.  Each standardized test comprises of AB-type questions. A is for accelerator questions, B stands for breaker questions. The main focus should be to pace yourself in such a way that no problem is left unattempted or unanswered. If you are stuck on some questions, leave those and come back if you have time. The target should be no guessing is done, at least on the accelerator questions.
  8. The answer sheet should be marked simultaneously with each question attempted and should not be kept for answering it at a later point of time. Though many find this inefficient but believe us, it really helps in eliminating the possibility to answer the question incorrectly in an answer sheet. Also, it eases the pressure at the back of the mind that the answer sheet needs to be filled up.
  9. One needs to have an eye for detail. Sometimes, in attempting the questions quickly, we oversee the vital information asked in the question, especially in the verbal section. So make sure you take ample time reading the questions and don’t rush into answering questions too quickly.
  10. The process of elimination should be used for questions which one is not able to solve confidently. Majorly each question does have choices that can be easily eliminated even if you are not 100% sure about how to answer, thereby significantly improving your chances of answering correctly even in case you are guessing.
  11. Utilize the breaks in between the sections. Do drink some water as that keeps you hydrated and also calms your mind. Do take a walk till the bathroom, even if there is no urge. It helps reduce mental stress. Light stretching exercise also helps to ease muscle stiffness.
  12. Make maximum possible use of extra time. In case you finish a section early, recheck the answer sheet to see whether you have marked the questions correctly. In case you still have time, try attempting the question in which you guessed.

Ah! So these are all the simple tasks that you’ve to do to get that great score on your SAT! Isn’t very difficult! Right, so speed up, study up, and aim for your dream university with SAT Champ.

Drop by for any further questions.