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Best SAT Tutoring

If you are sure you won’t settle for second best, I would recommend you to read through this page completely.

To start with, we are a highly-motivated bunch of SAT experts who have delivered exceptional results for our students. We have an outstanding track record for personalised in-person tutoring, online tutoring as wells semi-private tutoring for the SAT. This can also be verified from the testimonials on the home page.

Well, you must be thinking that we might have written these ourselves, which happens in 99 percent cases. But we have always been among the top one percent (not boasting) so we don’t do things what 99% people do. We don’t cheat and always work in an ethical manner. Every testimonial present on this website is 100% genuine.

Now coming to SAT tutoring, this is the place where most tutors/organisations claim they can raise your score by 400 odd points in, like, 4 weeks or something.  We know every other website might be claiming they have such magicians but we have been there and done that ourselves and we know for sure it is sheer hard work, both from you as well as from us (if you choose to work with us for your SAT journey) that gets you there.

If you are sceptical in working with us as your SAT mentor/guide we can share some information that you may find useful –

We’ve helped a lot of my students to improve upon their scores dramatically, and many of those students have made it to the IVY league and many others, realizing their dreams.

we have always maintained our stance that success is only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

We do not have any massive score improvement techniques which do not require hard work. Improving your SAT score is never easy, and our job is to help you (or your ward) understand the concepts, fill the knowledge gaps if there are any, make you work hard and efficiently so that you can achieve your SAT goals.

Unfortunately, the SAT is a tough nut to crack, but once we finish off with our sessions and you move on to the next stage where you will be taking mocks, you will see the beauty of all the hard work that we (together) have put in, as you will not be bogged down by its intricacies. You will find yourself ready for all the challenges posed by the SAT. SAT heavily tests you on concept understanding and logical ability. The SAT is not exhaustive in nature but it does require airtight logic and a disciplined, precise approach to questions. We have to tickle those parts of your nerve cells which can really withstand the logical fight on the SAT battlefield, that makes you the SAT Champ.

A good SAT expert will fill the gaps which you may have in your conceptual understanding and help you understand SAT’s classic pitfalls/situations, and phew, you will see your score improving dramatically. But there’s no magic to any of this. Only working with genuine SAT expert (SAT Champ) will not guarantee a significant increase of may be 200-400 points (or even more), but it will involve hours and hours of carefully focused practice on an almost-daily basis. In a nutshell, fasten your seat belts and be ready for the journey of your lifetime (trust SAT Champ on this, it really is, at least if you are working with us for your SAT prep).

Now that we have told you that we are not magicians but honest SAT experts and you still want to work with us as your SAT prep partner, you are welcome to discuss your specific SAT tutoring needs and become an SAT Champ yourself.

In-person SAT tutoring is available in Gurgaon for now. For SAT students living outside of Gurgaon, we also offer online tutoring via Skype or Zoom. We have tried to explain a lot of things here about our tutoring style and in general about SAT, but if you still have any doubts you may check FAQs.

If you have any doubts regarding effectiveness of online SAT tutoring, you can find our online SAT tutoring experience here.

Thank you for reading till here! You reeaalllly are ready to become an SAT Champ yourself!!

We are the pioneers when it comes to Quality SAT Tutoring. With our years of experience and expertise, we have been successful so far in fulfilling our objective of providing the highest standard of education to every child we have catered. We have always believed that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

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