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Question 9 - SAT CHAMP

Ram drives an average of 50 km per week. His car travels at an average of 25 km per litre of petrol. He would like to reduce his weekly expenditure by 5 Rs. The cost of petrol per litre is 4 Rs. Which equation can Ram use to determine how many fewer average km, K, should he drive each week?

  1. 25/4 K =95
  2. 25/4 K = 5
  3. 4/25 K = 95
  4. 4/25 K = 5


Choice D is correct.

First of all we will find the cost in Rs per km to drive the car.

The cost of driving the car per km = 4/25

Therefore, the cost of driving k km will be 4/25 * K

Since, Ram wants to reduce his cost by 5 Rs.

4/25 * K = 5 , will be the miles he need to drive less to save 5 Rs per week.