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Question 25 - SAT CHAMP

Fabrizzio went shopping on Tuesday and decided to purchase a pair of pants that is 15% percent off the regular price. If he waits and buys the pants on Wednesday, he will receive an additional 5%, percent off. What percent would Wednesday’s sale price be of the original price for the pants? Round to the nearest whole percent.

  1. 81%
  2. 85%
  3. 95%
  4. 105%

Solution:  Choice A is correct.

Let the original price of the pants be p.

On Tuesday, the pants will cost .85 (p)    (since, there is a 15% discount).

On Wednesday, since there is an additional 5% off on the already discounted price.

So, the price of pants will be .95 ( .85 p)  = .808p

Therefore, Wednesday’s sale price would be approximately 81% of the original price.

Quick Solution:

Since on Tuesday, there is a 15% discount and there is a further 5% discount on Wednesday on the discounted price.

So, we are sure, that the price will be further less than 85%

Only Choice (A) satisfies the same.