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Importance of SAT scores?. - SAT CHAMP

For almost every student seeking admission to an undergraduate course in the U.S., the importance of SAT scores cannot be ruled out. Since most colleges in the U.S. require a standardized test score as a pre-requisite and the child’s future is a lot dependent on the university to which one is admitted, so it’s very reasonable for a candidate to feel anxious about his or her SAT score. We at SAT Champ have adhered to hundreds of students in their test preparation and admission counseling. During the test preparation phase, we get to know the child better on various parameters (aptitude skills, analytical skills, verbal skills, interests, financial position, etc.), which are essential in finally guiding a child to narrow down the universities to be applied. With our past students studying in virtually all possible best universities in the U.S, it becomes relatively more comfortable as we always have updates about various universities. We at SAT Champ provide private SAT Tutoring in Gurgaon (Gurugram). The following content will significantly answer most of your queries regarding the importance of your SAT score.

Undoubtedly the standardized test score does play an essential role in the admission process. The admission process is a manual process, and not a robotic one as the committee has to go over thousands of applications to screen as to which candidates will be the best fit for their university. However, it is tough to generalize the importance of the SAT score carries as far as the admission process is concerned. Generally, there are three essential phases in which getting a decent SAT score matters the most. 

Firstly, the SAT scores matter during the initial screening of the admission process. It is when the admission committee goes through your application glancing at your academic grades, extra-curricular activities, along with your SAT scores. As a part of the process, the admission committee has to manually go through thousands of applications to search for candidates who best fit their university. Therefore, the probability of your application failing the initial screening is on the higher side if your SAT score is on the lower side. So, your SAT score is directly proportional to your application passing the initial round of selection process., In other words, the higher the SAT score, the better the chances of your application selected in the initial screening.

Secondly, the SAT scores come into play, when the universities are finalizing their acceptance process. Suppose 100 applications out of the thousands received have finally been judged as the best 100 applicants for the university, whereas the university has only 50 seats to offer. So, during final acceptance in granting admission, if everything on your application is almost the same as the other candidate, the SAT scores go a long way in determining your chance of selection. The candidate with a higher SAT score will have a natural preference over the others.

Thirdly, the standardized test scores aren’t only required for the admission process, but they help you a great deal in narrowing down your choices to the universities you want to apply. Though the U.S. Department of Education tallies more than 4,000 colleges and universities, U.S. News ranks only around 1,400 schools. So, one can imagine the choices one has, as to which university to be applied. Thus, filtering the list of 1400 schools to around 20 takes a lot of effort and meticulous research. Your SAT scores help you in this regard. For example, if you receive a score of 900 on the SAT, you ideally should not apply for a university like Harvard until and unless you have an impressive application in other ways to make up for your low SAT score as the average score for a student admitted in Harvard is around 1460 in average. However, if you score 1560 in the SAT, you can be sure that your application is not rejected based on test scores.