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Balancing SAT test prep with regular school activities - SAT CHAMP

With each passing year, the hype for the standardized tests is getting increased at an exponential rate. This hype sometimes gets so much into a student mind that the regular school activities start to fall aside in pursuit of a higher SAT score. However, one should not forget that the academic scores, along with extra-curricular activities, are equally essential parts of the final admission process. 

We at SAT Champ have been the pioneers in providing online group and one-on-one classes for the SAT exam. Since most students prepare for the SAT while they are still studying in school, saving time on commutation becomes a very crucial factor. Like every penny saved is a penny earned. Similarly, even a small amount of time saved daily adds up to a considerable amount considering the preparation time. Also, it is cost-effective, minimizing your fuel and maintenance cost as one does not has to spend money on commuting.

The following points will go a long way in guiding and helping you to balance your test preparation along with your regular school activities.

  • We strongly advocate the student spending a reasonable amount of time writing on a piece of paper as to why he wants to write the SAT exam. Try to write down as many points as you can, even though some aspects may seem trivial, but do write them. One needs to accomplish this activity giving a thorough thought process and time as well. Each child has different preferences and reasons to appear for the SAT. This list will help you a lot throughout your preparation time until the test day. A student should read this repeatedly as a  reminder, Whenever one feels like giving up or is de-motivated, as to why he started on this journey for the SAT. It takes you back to the time as to why you wanted to appear for the SAT and tries to overcome the rough period or patch which generally many student encounter during their SAT preparation phase.

  • Once you have chalked out all the possible reasons, you want to appear for the SAT. The next and critical step is to have a plan considering the practicality as one has to manage his regular school activities too. Divide the plan into short term, medium-term, and long term.

  • Create a schedule to adhere to the plan drafted. Make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). Evaluate and adjust your schedule regularly to overcome any shortcomings or over realistic expectations as per the decided schedule. Try maintaining a log of the time spent in various activities throughout the day. It is a very efficient way of increasing your productivity because on glancing over the logged time, one realizes where most misutilization is occurring, giving an area of improvement for better time management.

  • One should keep himself motivated most of the time. Try making smaller and simpler goals, and then as you start developing confidence, try for more significant and tougher targets. Do keep some time for fun, especially on weekends when you have extra 7-8 hours due to the school holiday.

  • One must reward himself from time to time on achieving the targets and goals. It provides you the necessary tempo to achieve further goals and objectives as preparing for SAT is a long process and needs due diligence, meticulous planning, and consistent effort, especially when you are doing it along with your regular school.

We at SAT Champ have helped hundreds of students raise their scores dramatically, and our students have got admitted to every top school one can imagine. However, one thing we find in common among all the students who saw significant improvement in their test scores was their commitment to improvement. We at SAT Champ ensure any child who is serious about increasing scores significantly in the SAT will feel the difference as to why preparation with us makes so much difference when it comes to SAT as the SAT is an exam of elimination rather than selection. 

A poem which says it all:

He worked by day
And toiled by night.
He gave up play
And some delight.
Dry books he read,
New things to learn.
And forged ahead,
Success to earn.
He plodded on with
Faith and pluck;
And when he won,
Men called it luck.